RAIF's investment policy: legal, regulatory and tax considerations

Luxembourg Reserved Alternative Investment Funds Law - theory and case study method series

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Session divided into 2 webinars of 1h30 each:

-    21 april - from 12:30 to 14:00:  SIF-like RAIFs
-    22 april - from 12:30 to 14:00:  SICAR-like RAIFs


Luxembourg RAIF Law: theory and case study method series: the Luxembourg legislator launched in 2016 a hybrid unregulated fund which could opt for an investment strategy similar either to SIFs or alternatively SICARs (which both products are regulated by the CSSF).

The purpose of this training is to provide participants with the tools necessary to understand why a particular form of fund - including RAIFs - would be chosen over another depending only on its investment strategy and what this choice would entail (e.g. special audit report for RAIF of the SICAR type etc).

This course will be split in two with RAIFs of the SIF-type on the one hand and RAIFs of the SICAR-type on the other.

Participants will have the chance to work through several case studies in order to assert the understanding of the topic discussed. 

Ezechiel Havrenne is currently lecturer - Investment Funds at the University of Luxembourg. Previously, he was a partner at NautaDutilh and lead the Luxembourg investment funds structuring and regulatory practice of the firm. He built a large portfolio of clients and friends and dedicated tremendous time and energy to help them achieve their goals. He counted among his clients large international private equity firms, global real estate firms, banks, financial groups, institutional investors, and mutual fund promoters.


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22 avril 2021

06:30 08:00 Europe/Brussels
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