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 Life insurers have created insurance products that meet the evolving needs of policyholders.

Unit-linked life insurance, and especially those products offered by insurance companies in Luxembourg, can be valuable tools for wealth planning and financial security. Part of the Luxembourg financial services Toolbox and offering a combination of life insurance coverage and investment options, they allow policyholders to protect their loved ones, grow assets over time and pass on wealth, all while preserving efficiency across borders.

In an increasingly demanding regulatory context, this book allows the reader to become familiar with topics such as obtaining a license to carry on an insurance activity, the distribution of insurance products, outsourcing and professional secrecy, the protection of personal data, and the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing.

The authors explain, with reference to a selection of countries -  Luxembourg, France, Belgium, Italy, Portugal and the UK - how, from the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, life insurers have created insurance products that meet the evolving needs of policyholders and ensure compatibility and efficiency in light of the technical requirements of each of the jurisdictions where policyholders and their families reside. Luxembourg rules grant policyholders optimal flexibility, certainty and legal security in the field of wealth planning and this has long contributed to the success of Luxembourg insurance in Europe and beyond.


PART 1 Insurance regulation

14h00 Introduction - David De Cubber (DLA Piper Luxembourg)
14h10 Preface: a few words from Association des Compagnies d'assurances et de Réassurances - Marc Hengen (Chairman ACA)
14h25 Solvency II: a guided walk-through its past, present and future - Carlos Ignacio Montalvo Rebuelta (PWC)
14h40 The universe of life insurance distribution in Luxembourg: actors, interactions and practical inferences - Emmanuelle Mousel (Arendt & Medernach) and Pierre Michaël de Waersegger (Arendt & Medernach)
15h00 Distribution of life insurance in and from Luxembourg: rules of conduct, organisational rules and more - Marc Gouden (Philippe & Partners) and Helena Finn (A&O)
15h15 Insurance secrecy in an outsourcing context: the subtle interplay between risks and opportunities - Udo Prinz (Clifford Chance)   
15h30 The life insurance industry still waiting for an explicit basis for legitimacy of data processing - Valérie Kopéra (VDB Law) and Andrei Zamfiroiu (VDB Law)
15h45 Navigating through the anti-money laundering and combat against terrorism financing  environment:  the ever-growing challenge for life insurance companies - Sandrine Périot (Arendt & Medernach) and Pierre Michaël de Waersegger (Arendt & Medernach)
16h00 Environmental, Social and Governance Principles, Non-Financial Reporting Directive, European Taxonomy. We’ve come a long way! What’s next to make Europe and the World green again? - Thomas Held (DLAW)
16h15 The Luxembourg regulation on unclaimed insurance contracts: feedback from an insurer and general guidance - Isabelle Detraux (Wealins)

PART 2 Unit-linked life insurance contracts and wealth planning

16h40 The unit-linked life insurance contract made in Luxembourg - David De Cubber (DLA Piper)
16h55  The Luxembourg Life Insurance Policy from a Tax Perspective - Jean-François Steichen (Etude Jean-François Steichen)
17h10  The dedicated unit-linked life insurance contract under French law from a wealth management perspective - V. Cornilleau (VH23 Family Business & Wealth Management Office)
17h25 The dedicated unit-linked life insurance contract (Branch 23) and unit-linked capitalisation bond (Branch 6) under Belgian law - Nicolaas Vancombrugge (Lombard International Assurance)
17h40 The unit-linked life insurance contract under Portugal law from a wealth management perspective - Sandra Bento (Baloise)
17h55 The Italian life insurance contract from a wealth management perspective - Nicola Alvaro (General Luxembourg)


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