PSD2 vs GDPR: Finding balance in the finance sector

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     PSD2 vs GDPR: Finding balance in the finance sector

This webinar will dive into the interplay between PSD2 and GDPR, guided by two speakers:

Bart van Buitenen (Director Expertise at Cranium) analyses the guidelines by the European Data Protection Board on PSD2 taking a look at the use of consent, the processing of personal data other than the holder of the account, special categories of data, data minimisation and more.
Christophe Verdure (Head of Legal/DPO at Caixabank Wealth Management Luxembourg) will pick up on these principles laid down by the EDPB and elaborate more on applying them in practice based on his experience.
Bart VAN BUITENEN is a seasoned DPO who has been working in privacy for over 10 years in a multitude of sectors, surviving both Schrems I and II. Bart has a knack for translating legal requirements into workable solutions and focuses on applying data protection law in a way it can be used to work with the business, instead of against it.
Christophe VERDURE is Head of Legal and DPO at CaixaBank Wealth Management Luxembourg. He holds a Ph.D. and is also an associate lecturer at the University of Luxembourg. He was previously a lawyer at the Brussels bar and a legal secretary (référendaire) at the European General Court.He has also taught at various universities, including the Catholic University of Leuven, the University of Antwerp, Dunkirk, Paris XIII, and Wroclaw (Poland).His practice and research focus on European Union law, insurance law, banking law and consumer law.


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27 mai 2021

05:00 06:30 Europe/Brussels
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