Luxembourg debt funds and Luxembourg banking regulation at a crossroad: recent crucial developments - Theory and case study method series: 2 sessions


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Too frequent are the questions remaining unanswered on the applicability or not of Luxembourg banking rules to (quasi-)loan origination funds structured as RAIFs, SCS/SCSp, regular Soparfis held by a foreign debt fund, etc. In the wake of a recent amendment to the CSSF FAQ on PFS (15 June 2021), Ezechiel Havrenne - lecturer at the University of Luxembourg on investment funds and specialist debt fund practitioner - in his usual practical and in-depth style, will take the audience through the key elements of the Luxembourg banking regulation which may have an impact on debt fund managers active in the (quasi-)loan origination sector.

This Webinar will be divided into two main parts:

July 13th - Session 1: how should specific provisions of the general exemption provisions of the FS Law be construed: practical application to (quasi-)loan origination RAIFs and SCS/SCSp managed by fully authorised AIFMs, and ELTIFs

From 12h30 to 14h00

July 14th - Session 2: how should the specific construction available from the CSSF’s regulatory practice allow many unregulated Lux debt funds and/or Lux Soparfis held by foreign funds or non-exempted Lux debt funds to be exempted from the FS Law

From 12h30 to 14h00

Participants will have the chance to work through several case studies in order to assert their understanding of the topics discussed. 


Private equity fund managers, Private debt fund managers, Real estate fund managers, Infrastructure fund managers, Professional investors, Tax advisors, Legal practitioners, Independent board members, Compliance officers, AIFMs, Depositaries, and Trust companies.

Exclusive in-depth article for Debt fund professionals: 

Do not forget to check out Ezechiel's 50 pages article on Luxembourg loan origination funds only available on LexNow. The article also includes charts and decision trees crucial for a complete understanding of this deeply complex subject matter and well as the sanction list in case of breach of the Luxembourg banking rules by debt fund professionals. 

Click here for a sneak peek into the table of contents. 


Ezechiel Havrenne is currently lecturer - Investment Funds at the University of Luxembourg. Previously, he was a partner at NautaDutilh and lead the Luxembourg investment funds structuring and regulatory practice of the firm. He built a large portfolio of clients and friends and dedicated tremendous time and energy to help them achieve their goals. He counted among his clients large international private equity firms, global real estate firms, banks, financial groups, institutional investors, and mutual fund promoters. 

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14 juillet 2021

06:30 08:00 Europe/Brussels
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