Electronic Signatures - What Boards should look out for

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In these months marked by the corona virus and the entailing social distancing and restrictions on physical meetings, whether a company or institution has a high maturity of digitalization has proven to be a differentiator in resilience.

Having to transform their business operations as much as possible to remote working, companies are not only faced with practical issues in the implementation and recording of their decision taking for boards and management, but also with the issue of signing agreements or documents with customers, service providers or even simply internally.

Whilst a recent law enables companies in this crisis to hold its shareholder meetings and meetings of management bodies exclusively in digital form, the issue of signing documents, agreements, resolutions or minutes of those digitally-held meetings remains. 

An alternative solution to tedious processes, involving human intervention and sending out documents by mail or courier in order to gather numerous signatures, would be the use of electronic signatures.

The electronic signature is one of the tools that enables companies to raise their digital game and increase their efficiency.

This webinar is aimed at giving an introduction to electronic signatures, as well as related concepts, setting out the legal background as applicable in Luxembourg and the EU, but also discussing practical issues surrounding the implementation and use of electronic signatures in every-day business situations.


1. What is an electronic signature?
2. Legal framework 
3. The different types of electronic signatures
4. Legal effect
5. How to choose the right type of electronic signature for you?
6.  What signatories should look out for?
7. Electronic Seal / Time Stamping and Validation


Administrators, lawyers, fiduciaries, bank


Anne Reuland, Chief Legal ans Regulatory Officer, LuxTrust

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15 octobre 2020

04:00 06:00 Europe/Brussels
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