AML Annual Training - How to implement your compliance obligations?

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The legal sector is subject to various obligations. Among them, the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing. Resulting from the European directives, these rules lay down a strict framework that every lawyer must follow, to prevent the risks of sanctions and reputation while preserving an objective: Defending the interests of the clients. 

To support you in this compliance and explain how this must be translated operationally whether you are in or out of scope of the obligations, the training proposed includes: 

I. The context and normative framework of the fight against money laundering 

- Interest of the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing

- Definitions of essential legal terms

- International, European and national normative framework 

- Determining the scope of application of the law: activities in scope/out of scope

II. Your obligations

- Obligation of vigilance 

- Obligation to declare 

- Obligation to adopt an adequate internal organization

- Obligation to keep documents 

- FOCUS: Update on international sanctions - Law 19 December 2020

III. Elements to be put in place and best practices

- Beginning of the business relationship and the risk-based approach 

- Monitoring the business relationship and updating files

- The end of the business relationship 

- Reporting of suspicions

IV. Sanctions 

- Disciplinary sanctions

- Criminal sanctions


Sandra BIRTEL - Avocate LuxembourgSandra BIRTEL, partner Kaufhold & Réveillaud, lawyers

Graduated from several prestigious Universities such as La Sorbonne or the University of Aix en Provence in fields such as Compliance, Criminology and Profiling and Homeland Security, Ms. BIRTEL turned to Compliance issues in Luxembourg. Having worked as a consultant in several countries, then as a compliance officer within several investment funds and banks, Sandra BIRTEL, driven by her entrepreneurial spirit, founded several Luxembourg companies operating in the field, whether it be consulting and auditing, or tools for the digitalization of compliance issues.

She then successfully obtained her CCDL and became a partner of KAUFHOLD & REVEILLAUD Avocats, where she heads the Compliance Department.


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