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Session divided into 2 webinars of 1h30 each:

-    5 may - from 12:30 to 14:00: Central administration notion and the obligation to designate an AIFM
-    6 may - from 12:30 to 14:00: Portfolio management notion, delegation and letter-box entity considerations in the wake of the AIFMD II


Luxembourg RAIF Law: theory and case study method series: The Luxembourg legislator with the publication of the RAIF law in 2016 required that a RAIF (similar to a Part II Fund) be managed by a fully authorised AIFM. What are the implications from a central administration standpoint which determines the nationality of the fund? What does this mean when the designated AIFM is not based in Luxembourg? What should the general partner/board of the RAIF do in order to ensure that the RAIF remains a Luxembourg fund from a Luxembourg legal standpoint? These practical questions as well as other related ones will be the subject matter of the first session of this 3rd RAIF Law topic.

The AIFMD being currently under review and ESMA having issued a recommendation during the summer 2020 on topics to be addressed by the EU Commission namely in relation to so-called "white-label AIFMs", the “incidence of the letter-box entity concept" and matters around “delegation", participants in this follow-on session will be lead to better understand (i) not only the current state-of-play in Luxembourg on the matter but also the potential direction(s) that the EU legislator could follow with the AIFMD II on those topics and (ii) what this means from a practical standpoint for board members, portfolio managers and investment advisors of a RAIF. Participants will have the chance to work through several case studies in order to assert the understanding of the topic discussed.


Ezechiel Havrenne is currently lecturer - Investment Funds at the University of Luxembourg. Previously, he was a partner at NautaDutilh and lead the Luxembourg investment funds structuring and regulatory practice of the firm. He built a large portfolio of clients and friends and dedicated tremendous time and energy to help them achieve their goals. He counted among his clients large international private equity firms, global real estate firms, banks, financial groups, institutional investors, and mutual fund promoters.


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May 5, 2021

6:30 AM 8:00 AM Europe/Brussels
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