Legitech : who are we?

The LEA Group was created in 2019 through the merger of two companies, Legitech, a Luxembourg legal publishing house, and Anthemis, its Belgian twin. 

For Legitech, the objective was to expand on the Belgian market thanks to Anthemis' reputation and brand image. For its part, Anthemis wanted to pursue its technological and editorial developments in order to meet the expectations of its authors and customers.

The union of these two brands has given rise to a complete multi-media editorial offering in the field of legal and professional publishing.

The LEA Group's ambition is to consolidate its presence on the European market while retaining its local approach.  With this slogan, we want to highlight the LEA group's vision: to select, enrich, create and distribute quality content and tools in the legal and professional fields.

We look after you.  With this slogan, Anthemis wishes to highlight the LEA Group's vision: to select, enrich, create and distribute quality content and tools in the legal and professional fields.

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Creation of the Anthemis publishing house


Creation of the Legitech publishing house


Creation of the LeA Group following the merger of Anthemis and Legitech


Launch of LexNow on the Belgian market

Creation of LeA Uitgevers publishing house

Our values

Support and Proximity

LEA, your local partner for all players in the publishing chain.

By creating genuine partnerships with authors, professional federations, universities, distributors and bookshops, we can offer you quality products at the heart of legal and professional news.

Convinced of the importance of human relations, we are committed to respecting all our editorial partners, giving priority to local European players.

Evolution and Innovation

In order to meet your new needs, LEA is constantly evolving and innovating by developing comprehensive new editorial offerings: webinars, e-colloques, new collections, new LexNow modules, etc.

Whether in paper or digital format, or in the form of conferences and training courses, LEA offers you top-quality, up-to-date content that meets your expectations.


Thanks to its entrepreneurial spirit, LEA is constantly striving to develop.

Our ability to invent and reinvent ourselves means we can continue to evolve and offer new products and services in line with market expectations.

Our mission

Our ambition is to offer legal professionals and consumers of the law products and services at the cutting edge of legal news, in an adapted format. To achieve this objective, LEA offers 100% personalised support to its authors and contributors throughout the production process of a book, a journal or the organisation of a training course.

Our vision

Anticipating tomorrow's changes to offer an ever wider range of quality information on a multitude of media.
And because preparing for the future means mastering the present, we want to continue with classic paper publishing by rethinking it so that it can survive and develop on new digital media.

Our products

Books, Codes and Reviews

We work with renowned authors to provide you with quality books and journals. 

Training courses

We organise training courses in the form of conferences, workshops and webinars in all areas of law.

Digital products

We develop digital solutions such as LexNow to help you save time and improve efficiency.

Our brands

Odoo - Echantillon n°1 pour trois colonnes

Founded in 2006, Legitech has established itself over the years as Luxembourg's leading legal publisher.

Its local nature enables it to better understand the different needs of the market and to personally support its authors, speakers and clients.

Odoo- Echantillon n° 2 pour trois colonnes

Founded in 2005, Anthemis is a publishing house specialising in professional publishing.

With the aim of offering quality works to as many practitioners as possible, it is aimed at all professionals who need reliable information on law, economics or management.

LeA Uitgevers is a legal publishing house active on the Dutch-speaking market. An experienced and motivated team guarantees the development of high quality publications and training courses in the fields of law, business and economics.


Our customers

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