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> > > Conférence annuelle 2017 sur le droit commercial

Conférence annuelle 2017 sur le droit commercial

Droit commercial

Date : 07/12/2017 Horaires : 2 jours Lieu : Bruxelles

Thématique : ERA


The aim of this annual conference is to provide legal practitioners with an update on the current challenges facing the European Union with some of its key trading partners. It will give participants the opportunity to exchange with high-level experts and acquire a better understanding of topical issues in international trade law. Relevant recent developments in EU and WTO case law will also be tackled.

Key topics

In order to answer better the needs of legal practitioners and cover the most recent and most important developments, the list of key topics will be provided in September 2017

Who should attend?

Lawyers in private practice, in-house counsel, EU and national civil servants, representatives of producers’, retailers’, users’ and consumers’ organisations, trade unions, non-governmental organisations.

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