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> > > UIA launches new website

UIA launches new website

13 juillet 2018 Divers


Experienced, engaged and committed to professional excellence, UIA currently has a network of more than 2 million lawyers through its individual and collective bars, federations, and associations’ members across 110 countries.

UIA strives to be young and dynamic and is developing its online resources by launching a new website, designed with up-to-date features and available in English, French, and Spanish being the 3 UIA working languages

UIA seeks constantly to supplement its members’ judicial knowledge and promote their professional development. In doing so, UIA is working to build an international network primed to defend the Rule of Law, the independence of the judiciary, and the freedom of lawyers. To meet that goal, the new website is also:

  • a resource: the extensive Legal Practitioners’ Library makes the most recent legal scholarly work available to its members.
  • space for collaborative work in the development of the law generally and the work of its 43 commissions and 34 national committees.
  • Members’ Directory allows lawyers to easily locate colleagues according to location, specialty, language spoken, etc.

To check out the new website: https://www.uianet.org

To find out more about the UIA: https://uianet.org/en/about-us

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