Three New Equity Partners at Wildgen

Luxembourg, 09 July 2020 – The Luxembourg business law firm Wildgen is proud to announce the appointment of Yann Payen, Dr. Eric Perru and Mark Shaw to the position of equity partner. This move to strengthen the partnership highlights the firm’s optimism in the face of the current economic crisis and its commitment to further development by focusing on both traditional and innovative markets. 

For a number of years, Yann Payen has been providing his clients with his expertise in corporate law and experience of mergers and acquisitions, restructuring and corporate governance, as well as bond issues. Being closely involved in the development of the Luxembourg legal framework, Yann coordinated the creation of the Luxembourg Company Code, published by Legitech, and is Editor-in-chief of the same publisher’s practical Review of business law. As part of his new role, Yann will also lead the Wildgen 4 Innovation initiative, a legal hub offering tailored support to start-ups and scale-ups.

Dr. Eric Perru, co-head of the firm’s litigation department, has specialised in civil and commercial dispute resolution, contract law, enforcement procedures and debt collection since the 2005 publication of his thesis on Nonpayment. Eric possesses extensive experience in banking and business litigation. His in-depth, procedural knowledge and interest in judicial evolution in the digital era ensure he is able to provide his clients with highly effective defence. As a passionate art enthusiast, he will also set to lead the Wildgen 4 Art initiative, which will concentrate on the areas of crossover between the art and legal worlds. 

In 2018, Wildgen opened a representative office in London, which has been successfully managed and developed by Mark Shaw. A Solicitor in England and Wales as well as a member of the Luxembourg Bar (List IV), Mark draws on a wealth of experience to advise his clients in the field of investment funds and financial services, he supports clients from the initial stages of the creation of regulated and unregulated funds and that of management companies. He also advises on the legal issues raised by Brexit and the EU’s emerging sustainable finance regulatory regime.

As François Brouxel, Managing Partner of the firm explains: “We are delighted that Yann, Eric and Mark have agreed to join the partnership. This is well-earned recognition of their years of work, dedication and determination to develop the firm, its practice areas and client portfolio. Each of them is an example of success for our associates. More than ever before, in these times of crisis, we are committed to supporting the professional development of our talented staff and promoting excellence for the benefit of our clients. ” 

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