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14/03/2017 Financial law

New CSSF application questionnaire

NEW CSSF APPLICATION QUESTIONNAIRE FOR THE SETTING UP OF SIFS, SICARS AND PART II FUNDS On 15 February 2017, the Luxembourg supervisory authority, the Commission de...


Equal pay for equal work: new law requires men and women to...

The Law of December 15 2016 modifying the Labour Code and Article 2 of the Modified Law of December 21 2007 on the Regulations for Funding Political Parties was published in...

09/03/2017 IP/IT

Electronic communications : regulation for private life and...

Adoption of proposal for a regulation concerning the respect for private life and the protection of personal data in electronic communications On 10 January 2017, the...


Castegnaro-Ius Laboris Luxembourg lance Castegnaro TV

Castegnaro-Ius Laboris Luxembourg a lancé sa chaîne Youtube : Castegnaro TV. Chaque mois, maître Guy Castegnaro, partenaire et fondateur de Castegnaro-Ius Laboris...

28/02/2017 Tax law

NEW CIRCULAR N° 45/2 – 152/1 – 168/1 ON THE...

I. INTRODUCTION On 14 February 2017 the Luxembourg direct tax authorities (Administration des contributions directes – “ACD”) issued on a new circular no 45/2 – 152/1...

23/02/2017 IP/IT

Newsflash – GDPR N°3

New Data Protection Obligations Following the adoption of the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on 27 April 2016, most organisations began to re-examine their...

16/02/2017 IP/IT

GDPR Series Part 6: Legal Grounds for Processing

To consent or not to consent? This series provides more detailed insight into the General Data Protection Regulation, which was published on 4 May 2016 and must be complied...

10/02/2017 Other areas

SpaceResources.lu initiative : Advisory Service Agreement...

Cooperation between Luxembourg and the European Investment Bank to provide advice on financial instruments within the SpaceResources.lu initiative The Luxembourg Ministry of...

03/02/2017 Competition law

Publication d’un guide par l’Autorité belge de...

Belgian Competition Authority Publishes Guide on Bid Rigging Collusive tendering as a priority of public competition law enforcement On 31 January 2017, the Belgian...

27/01/2017 IP/IT

GDPR – Security of personal data and what to do in the...

This update aims to provide you with a practical overview of the most relevant changes resulting from the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), applicable as from 25 May...

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